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240530: Cardano Wallet, Skins & Friends List


  • Added access for using Cardano wallets to play the game like Ergo wallet
  • Done major changes in the backend
  • The final step to fully support Cardano is adding rsCYPX. This will allow Cardano players to withdraw rewards directly into their Cardano wallets, eliminating the need to link their Ergo addresses for CYPX withdrawals.


  • Added ETERNL wallet support
  • Added UI popup when player logs in using Cardano wallet, it opens window to select your wallet (ETERNL or Nami)
  • When adding funds into the in-game balance, use your preference wallet automatically
  • When you try to link Cardano address to your account, an option to select either ETERNL or Nami

Moving All CYPX Rewards to In-Game

  • Moved all CYPX rewards to the in-game wallet

NFT SKINS (→ CyberVerse Skins)

  • Added ability to change skin of the default character if player owns NFT SKIN as a cosmetic
  • Added UI to select default skin
  • Added support for Ergo FT Skins
  • Added support for Cardano NFT skins
  • Added first Ergo FT skins
  • Added first Cardano NFT skins in partnership with OMEN and HOUSE OF TITANS


  • Added UI in the ITEM SHOP for buying skins
  • Added animated view of the skin before buying
  • Added support for Ergo FT Skins
  • Added support for Cardano NFT skins


  • Replaced the search NFT feature with "Your monthly points" and "Allocation" sections
  • Your monthly points = total points the player makes this month
  • Allocation = your_points / total_points


  • Points can be now also earned by playing activities, not just mini games
  • FISHING - 5 POINTS (Every caught fish)
  • MINING - 5 POINTS (Every mined ore)
  • GARDENING - 5 POINTS (Every harvested plant)
  • EXPLORING BINS - 4 POINTS (Every explored bin - not loot boxes)


  • Moved it to the marketplace
  • Added button for popup window, where you can search NFT Gens


  • Decreased prices of:
  • Phantom Resistance Album crate to 600 CYPX
  • CyberVerse 1.1 Female crate to 300 CYPX
  • The CyberEgg crate to 5000 CYPX
  • COMET Running crate to 300 CYPX


  • Added friend to the game by opening their profile and clicking add friend
  • Added sending friend requests to other players/canceling friend requests from others functions
  • Adding status for each friend of the friends list is online/offline
  • Added remove friend function
  • Added a friend chat so players could chat between each other
  • Added UI for friends list, and friend chat
  • Limit set for max of 50 friends per player (you can’t send a friend request if you or the other have 50 friends)
  • Player can only see his friend's nickname, not other information


  • Added new pixel switch buttons
  • Added new balance default small UI
  • Added No trade feature for some items (players trade and community market) = in-game jackhammers
  • Changed in the lobby and game top-left UI. Removed wallet balance, added in-game balance, include ADA
  • Gardening = increased 2x times for growing all plants
  • Decreased cost of renting a car to 100 CYPX
  • Changed the LOGIN PAGE design

240515: Racing Minigame V2

CAR RACING MINIGAME V2 (→ Racing Mini Game)

  • remade the whole car racing minigame from scratch
  • map is randomly generated every game
  • changed the POV of the player
  • added tunnels
  • added turn roads
  • added the road(land) high and low effect
  • added cheering NPCs
  • added new background music to the minigame
  • added effect of darkness for  objects that are far away

240506: Improvements


  • added trade chat
  • added  READY status for  player who  presses trade button


  • % Impact is now visible for every offer in NPC MARKET


  • added shortcut key T activating/selecting the chat box


  • added public sale activity

UPDATE 240503: Chat Bubbles & Sketchy Dealer


  • Changed offer deals impacts from 80%/100%/120% to 80%/100%/170%
  • Added an option to deliver any amount that won't pass the dealers deal (for example dealer wants 30, player can sell even just 1 or 10, and when he sells it, it displays in dealer's offer 20)


  • Fixed 1 flower seed price


  • Added confirmation UI of claiming all and also showing the fee after player clicks on claim all


  • Fixed car images


  • Reduced withdrawals fee to 250 cypx
  • Reduced changing wallet nickname to 500 cypx
  • Reduced changing nft nickname to 250 cypx


  • Removed "claim daily reward" quest (this change will be visible in tomorrow's daily quests)


  • 5 dealers spawn around the map every 15 minutes (the spawned NPCs will respawn after timeline)
  • You can sell unlimited amount of items
  • Added 5%-25% rate to get scammed for quarter of the items player sells to NPC
  • Prices will be set 25% less than the original ones (current ones we have)


  • Added chat bubble that will appear when player message something in public chat


  • Watering decreases the chance for plants to spoil by 20%, but planting consumes 1 Energy more.

UPDATE 240430: NPC Market & New Rewards System


  • The NPC Market has been changed to generate deals that NPC offer to buy from players. Each account has its own deals.
  • Free to play players = 6 deals
  • GEN NFT holders = 12 deals
  • Offers reset every 6 hours (and new ones are randomly generated)
  • You can still buy items from the NPC merchants, if merchants are selling some
  • The prices for offers are 80%-120% of the original item price. If you have the amount of itemX and accept the offer, you will earn the total offer price.
  • Units per deals are randomly generated from 5-30
  • Each NPC merchant has its own deals
  • Added fisherman merchant - located in spectrum farms gardens
  • Added gardener merchant - located in front of spectrum gardens
  • Added miner merchant - located in the cave


  • Accumulating rewards is a feature that your Citizens can collect over time in the game as a bonus for owning the NFT.
  • Initially, the ability to accumulate rewards is turned on. To start accumulating rewards, click on "Accumulate" to start accumulating rewards daily.
  • To collect your rewards, click claim all buttons. The final amount you receive is adjusted for fees depending on how long you have been accumulating.
  • If you transfer your CyberCitizen to a different wallet, the ability to accumulate rewards is reset. You need to set up the accumulation with the CyberCitizen again.
  • Fees start at 20% and decrease by 5% every 7 days. This fee will be attached to each citizen that accumulates rewards, if players add new citizens to the accumulating stage, the fee will be attached to the new citizen when claiming rewards.
  • Restores back to 20% after claiming rewards.
  • 7 days of accumulating = 20%
  • 14 days of accumulating = 15%
  • 21 days of accumulating = 10%
  • 28 days of accumulating = 5%
  • 28+ days of accumulating = 0% Fee


  • The rewards keep decrease after specific month timeline by 50%.
  • Event Starts 1/5/2024. Reduces rewards by 50%. Event lasts for 1 month.
  • Event starts 1/6/2024, reduces all 8001B area in accumulating stage = 124.860 SCYPX (In total during the whole event: 7,491,600 SCYPX)
  • Event starts 1/7/2024, reduces all 8001B area by 50%. Event lasts for 3 months.
  • Portion to be distributed daily if all 8001B area in accumulating stage = 4,123.25 SCYPX (In total during the whole event: 374,5800 SCYPX)
  • Event starts 1/3/2025. Reduces all rewards by 50%. Doesn't end.
  • Portion to be distributed daily if all 8001B area in accumulating stage = 15,607 SCYPX


  • All items are reduced by 75% of its previous price (except furniture that was reduced by 50% and spoiled item that stayed the same)
  • Reduced renting plots in gardens to 50 SCYPX
  • Reduced cost of locker for mining to 150 SCYPX
  • Fixed 2 sprites of characters
  • Preparing for another update today

UPDATE 240426: Fixes & Parental Control


  • Reduced the probability of spawning seeds by 70% during exploration
  • Added a new AudioNFT track "Restless Nights" to the game
  • Introduced a new AudioNFT track - "SuperNova" to the game


  • Enhanced lobby functionality to display total online players


  • Resolved key response issues post-trading; keys such as 'I', 'C', etc., now properly access inventory, crafting, etc.
  • Removed the option to connect wallets via deposit to address Cardano support issues
  • Corrected an energy calculation error where consuming a drink after mining left the player with incorrect energy levels
  • When accessing finance through the 'xadd' tab, after closing, the screen will now move with your CyberCitizen


  • Implemented a feature that restricts certain activities on player accounts
  • Activation/deactivation of this feature now requires a password
  • When activated, access to the casino is disabled with a notification: "Your account is subject to parental control."

UPDATE 240406: Cardano Wallet Integration


  • New way to login + some changes in the UI.
  • The game's open page will ask you to choose to connect from Ergo wallet or Cardano wallet with some specific details. (If you already play with Ergo Wallet, go to settings and it shows Cardano wallet to link)
  • Ergo wallet will always open the same old UI.
  • Cardano wallet will always let you sign in without sending any fee.
  • Password page or password feature are locked if you don't have any Ergo wallet in your account yet.
  • Limit account features to only view (no edit) to all features in the lobby page.
  • UI to add Ergo wallet if it doesn't exist.

UI to add Ergo wallet if it doesn't exist

  • Similar steps to how Ergo wallet login works, but different tasks and backend code.
  • After successfully connecting Ergo wallet, kick the player with the message "You are now linked to Ergo wallet. Please refresh the page."
  • After the refresh, all the game features would be available.

New funds type (Ada) for accounts that have Cardano wallet

  • Frontend UI to deposit or withdraw Ada funds. (includes withdrawal fee of 1 Ada)
  • Backend fully handles Ada in-game balance.
  • Backend handle to detect new funds.
  • Frontend UI change in some places, to show Ada in-game balance.
  • Gen3 UI, choose to use Ergo or Ada balance.

Fixed the display bug in the bank with rewards not showing to be claimed

  • Fixed the display bug in the bank with rewards not showing to be claimed.

UPDATE 240314: Free2Play & Improvements

  • Added ability to play free without owning a citizen with limited functionality - default non-NFT character.
  • Added ability to browse items' craft requirement while currently crafting an item.
  • Added ability to sort in-game items however players want.
  • Added all seeds to be found in bins.
  • Added seven new standard music tracks.

UPDATE 240303: Fixes & Improvements

  • Updated in-game NFT marketplace: added Gen2, Gen3 and CyberCars tabs, added recent activity tab.
  • Improved character selection menu UI.
  • Missing Audio NFTs were airdropped.

UPDATE 240222: Fixes & Improvements

Game Improvements

  • NFTs - Added missing NFTs (emotes, cars, and apartments).
  • In-game trading - Added an ability for players to see real-time offers before the other player clicks the confirm button.
  • Wolf and Sheep - Added visible countdown for abilities; now players know how long the ability lasts.
  • Wolf and Sheep minigame - As a wolf, the ability to "howl" is now default, causing sheep to make a "baaah" sound in fear, indicating their location.
  • Wolf - For every haunted sheep, the wolf gets extra time.
  • Sheep - Can collect one ability in one slot inventory and use it by pressing "E".
  • Weekly lottery - Made text on the right a bit bigger and corrected the phrase "you have own 0 Tickets".
  • Inventory & Crafting - Items are now searchable by name and green required items are clickable.
  • Energy items - Players can now use energy items from the quick selection inventory.
  • Furnace - Added wood items found in bins to the list of usable items for furnaces.
  • Furnace - Changed the conversion rate to "one coal melts one ore".
  • Apartment - Allowed apartment owners to use furniture like furnaces and mining rigs, setting permissions as public or private.
  • Apartment - Added plant and window crafts.
  • Player’s profile - Shows "press K to show player’s profile" when near another player.
  • Player’s profile - Fixed links so clicking on the Twitter button opens the user-configured Twitter profile.
  • NPCs - Added indicators for interactive NPCs.
  • Emotes - Enabled emoting during the Wolf and Sheep game and editing the emote wheel.


  • Replaced the "E" icon with a new one.
  • Fixed an issue where using a jackhammer locks out other selections unless reselected.
  • Museum - Removed AnetaBTC (the angel) statue.
  • General - Fixed various small text errors in dialogues and descriptions.
  • Updated deposit terminology in-game from "casino wallet" to "in-game wallet".
  • General - Corrected the casino sign orientation.
  • Allowed customization of key bindings for certain functions.
  • Fixed a bug causing 0 points in the racing game.
  • Hitting the enter key without text in the chat window now brings users back to the main window.

Select Citizen UI

  • Updated the UI to a new version.
  • Enhanced the display of citizen rarity in selection windows using differently colored frames.

UPDATE 240207: Wolf and Sheep Mini Game, P2P Trading, Emotes

Energy Items

  • Doubled the amount of energy gained after consuming any energy item (except breads).


  • Moved payment method into in-game payment.


  • Added UI enhancements for emotes.
  • Added functions to improve emote interactions.
  • Added first 2 NFT emote crate collections.
  • Pressing "B" on keyboard shows NFT emote inventory.
  • When using emotes, displays for 3 seconds then disappears - others see what you display.

Player Profile Account

  • Added UI enhancements.
  • Added functions for improved interaction.
  • Added TRADE button.
  • Added TWITTER link button - players can link their Twitter in the game profile.
  • Pressing "K" near player shows player's profile account.

Ingame P2P Trading

  • Added UI enhancements for trading.
  • Added functions to facilitate trading of in-game items and CYPX tokens.

Apartment Multiplayer Access

  • Added function to set owner's apartment into private or public.
  • Private = only owner can see it, no one else can access the property.
  • Public = everyone can see it, everyone can visit the property, but they can't edit the property.

The Wolf and Sheep Mini Game

  • Added first multiplayer minigame.
  • Minimum players 5, maximum players 10.
  • 1 wolf, the rest are sheep. Wolf is faster than sheep.
  • By pressing "E", the wolf attacks. The wolf needs to hunt all sheep alive in order to win before the countdown expires.
  • Wolf gains points for every hunted sheep and additional points upon winning.
  • Sheep need to hide from the wolf and stay alive till the countdown expires.
  • Sheep gain points for every coin they collect on the ground and additional points upon surviving.
  • Sheep can find 3 abilities on the map: speed boost, invisibility, and a chance to drop a revive bottle.

Ingame Chat

  • Improved the chat to support up to 200 characters and display in multiple lines.


  • Balance improvements.
  • Added custom amount options when buying/selling in NPC market.
  • Changed spawning ores time from 60 seconds to 200 seconds.
  • Removed papers around the city that were clues for finding the treasury.
  • Added energy indicator in citizen selection.
  • Fixed 2 rooms in the penthouse that couldn't be customized with walls and floors.
  • Changed resources amount for wires and cables crafting from 6 & 4 to 3 & 2.
  • In the apartment, clicking on a missing item sends you to the crafting recipe.
  • Added confirmation prompt when buying tickets in the weekly lottery.
  • Added admin page to view online users and their real-time locations.

UPDATE 240112: Multiplayer

Stage 1

  • Compressing the Connection
  • Reconnection
  • Spawnpoints

Stage 2

  • Completed all tasks related to player nicknames and other minor features.


  • Added back-end functionality for entering and exiting rooms: normal rooms, private rooms, non-MP rooms.
  • Player's location changes by server when he enters a new room.
  • Player moves speed FPS.

Stage 3

  • Cave Multiplayer
  • Enhance real-time movement, elevating it to a new level.

UPDATE 240109: Monthly Leaderboard

  • Added TOP Monthly Minigames Leaderboard.

UPDATE 231208: Racing Mini Game, Chat, Password Login


  • changed server system to save data and load it again when the server restarted


  • added password feature where players can setup a password when loginning to the game so they dont have to pay the fee after every relog
  • at start, player during verification sends 1 fee and then setup the passoword
  • once he setups his password he can log into the game with password next time

How it works:

1. Newcomer connect his wallet to the game and verifies his wallet.

2. Once he's in the lobby he goes to settings.

3. In settings he clicks change password.

4. He setups his password and it's done.

After player set up his password, he can log into the game using the password once his connected with his wallet he setup the password on and doesn't have to pay the fee for verification.


  • changed the way the server operates for the login; this should help us solved the issue when player paid the fee for verification and the game didn't verify the player
  • fixed some error from our database that makes our game server crashed sometimes
  • sped up the open of the game speed by x(8-16) and fixed some Mac problem, cost 300$.


  • added global chat to the game that allows people to chat with all active players
  • added function when you double-click on someones nickname in the chat, it copies player's message, nickname and ergo public address
  • each message is limited to 27 letters (this will change later)
  • added an option to close the global chat
  • added function to type and send messages in the chat
  • added UI


  • added car crate with 501 supply
  • add car specs for each car
  • added 15 types of cars / distribution/ speed / max speed/ x speed

CYBERCAR (minigame) V1

  • we utilized all 501 NFT cars
  • added loading car NFT from wallet
  • added minigame backend
  • added NPC start minigame, leaderboard
  • added manu where you can rent a car and see your cars and race
  • added leaderboard with tier rewards
  • added obstacles on the road (oil object) that slows you down
  • added coin that you can collect and get extra boost
  • added countdown that shows players how long till the game ends if they won't reach the finish line


  • added daily quest for NFT characters
  • each NFT character has its own daily quests
  • added first 54 daily quests
  • type of daily questions:
  1. visit
  2. play
  3. claim
  4. mine
  5. harvest
  6. talk
  7. craft
  8. explore
  9. hit_points
  10. catch


  • added furniture box that players can open and receive one of many in-game furniture
  • the box costs 600 cypx
  • the box has unlimited suppy (for now)


  • Added spawns for loot boxes in the city
  • Each NFT can open loot box once a day
  • cost 10 energy, and there is a 50% chance to open empty christmas box
  • if you miss, you can still open another box.
  • limit time events from date A to date B
  • added new look message with christmas theme in the left when open
  • added backend and secure system
  • Items you can get from loot boxes and amount you can get:
    • Wood = 1 - 10
    • Wooden Stick = 1 - 14
    • Iron Stick = 1 - 8
    • Circuit board = 1 - 3
    • Golden Stick = 1 - 6
    • Plastic Plate = 1 - 12wish
    • Steel Plate = 1 - 4
    • Ergonium Plate = 1 - 2
    • Carbon Plate = 1 - 4
    • Advanced circuit = 1 - 3
    • Power cell = 1
    • Microprocessors = 1 - 3
    • Chip = 1 - 4
    • Copper wire = 1 - 6
    • Screws and bolts =  1 - 8
    • Small electronic circuit = 1 - 3
    • Wires and Cables = 1 - 8
    • Microchip = 1 - 6
    • Diamond dust = 1 - 3
    • Nano-fiber Wires = 1 - 2
    • Iron Ingot = 1 - 3
    • Silver Ingot = 1 - 3
    • Golden Ingot = 1 - 3
    • Diamond = 1
    • Wooden Fishing Rod = 5 - 15
    • Iron Fishing Rod = 3 - 12
    • Golden Fishing Rod = 2 - 10
    • Diamond Fishing Rod = 1 - 6
    • Diamond Stick = 1 - 2
    • Default Iron Pickaxe = 5 - 12
    • Iron Pickaxe = 4 - 10
    • Golden Pickaxe = 2 - 8
    • Diamond Pickaxe = 2 - 6
    • Golden dust = 1 - 4
    • Multivitamin Juice = 1 a
    • Copper Ingot = 1 - 6
    • NovaCore Lite CPU = 1
    • Cybervision X-Gen 1000 GPU = 1 - 6
    • PowerTech Light Motherboard = 1
    • ProCharge PSU = 1
    • Stone Pickaxe = 7 - 15
    • Grape Vine = 1
    • Oceanic Smoothie = 1
    • Synthesso = 1
    • Dirt = 3 - 10
    • Metal = 1 - 3
    • Cooling System V1 = 1


  • added 2 christmas trees
  • added furniture box to purchase random furniture
  • fixed furniture that was reported by the community members
  • added feature that allows you to check how the furniture look like in the apartment - you can move it and rotate
  • added feature that shows you the collisions of the furniture


  • added a crafted furniture in items furnace that allows players to melt multiple ores into ingots
  • player opens the furnace, there are 3 slots, first slot is for adding an ores, second slot for resources to melt with and third slot for finished melted ingots
  • players can only place furnace into their real-estates = 1 furnace par apartment
  • how long it takes to melt 1 ore of:
    • Copper Ore = 30 Seconds
    • Iron Ore = 60 Seconds
    • Silver Ore = 90 Seconds
    • Golden Ore = 120 Seconds
    • Diamond Ore = 150 Seconds
    • Cyberium Ore = 240 Seconds
    • Ergonium Ore = 300 Seconds
  • To melt ore, you need one of these types of items:
    • 1 ORE = 2 COALS
    • 1 ORE = 2 OAK WOODS

SELECT CHARACTER -  filter GEN2/GEN3 + based on LVL

  • added filter for GEN2/GEN3 nfts
  • cybercitizens nfts are now sorted based on their lvl/xp by default


  • - fixed the lottery bugs

UPDATE 231028: CYPX Mining, Furniture Crafting, Energy Items


  • Created whole new furniture system
  • Created a furniture tool for adding new furniture items
  • Added over 1000 furniture
  • Added over 1000 furniture craft recipes
  • Added new floors textures
  • Added new walls textures
  • Added support for the most furniture to rotate
  • Added furniture that can be placed on the table:

click CTRL to drop the FURNITURE in this table spots only. click CTRL to select FURNITURE that are in table spots only.


  • Added mining system
  • Added UI
  • Added balance
  • Added electricity bill
  • Added slot inventory in the mining rig
  • Added turn on/off mining rig function
  • Added calculator of electricity/heat level/rewards from mining per hou and timer
  • Added Pay the bill button
  • Added collect rewards button
  • Added multiple rarities of each PC component to craft
  • each apartment can have 1 Mining Rig - when you own multiple apartments, you can setup mining rig in each one
  • the mining rig is craftable
  • you can select to place it somewhere in your apartment like a furniture
  • when it's placed somewhere in your apartment, press E to open the inventory of the mining rig
  • every GPU comes up with X heat
  • the maximum heat the mining rig can take is 100 - above 100, it won't turn on
  • the colling systems can reduce the total heat by X%
  • to be able to mine, you need at least 1 GPU, CPU, PSU, MOTHERBOARD and COOLING SYSTEM items
  • there is also electricity bill to pay, when you reach 100 electricity, it costs 1 CYPX to pay the bill (for now)
  • the bigger your apartment is, the higher the electricity limit you get:
  • SMALL = 0/100 MIDDLE = 0/200 LARGE = 0/300 PENTHOUSES/YACHTS = 0/500
  • PC components: Cooling System V1 Cooling System V2 Cooling System V3 NovaCore Lite CPU QuantumBoost 5000 CPU TechnoCore Ultra-XT CPU Cybervision X-Gen 1000 GPU Cybervision X-Gen 2000 GPU Cybervision X-Gen 3000 GPU PowerTech Light Motherboard TitanTech-101 Motherboard CyberSynthetiX Motherboard ProCharge PSU SynthWavePower PSU QuantumBoost 3000 PSU


  • Added energy system
  • Each NFT character can consume any 10 energy items per day
  • When consuming energy, you cannot go over 100 ENERGY (When NFT character has 10 ENERGY left and he consumes 100 ENERGY item, the character's energy will go max to 100/100)
  • List of energy items:

Bread = +20 ENERGY Multivitamin Juice = +25 ENERGY Oceanic Smoothie = +25 ENERGY Grape Vine = +30 ENERGY Synthesso = +100 ENERGY


  • Added a track to the lobby
  • Added button to Pause/Resume the track


  • Added lottery system


  • 1 ticket costs 500 CYPX
  • The more tickets you buy, he better chance of winning you have against other participants
  • Each week, there is only 1 winner
  • Casino takes 10% fee from the winning lottery
  • New lottery starts every Monday
  • The latest winner of the weekly lottery will be visible below the rules with also the prize


  • Decreased prices for fishes:

Cybernetic Salmon - 15 CYPX Circuit Pike - 15 CYPX Binary Bass - 20 CYPX Neon Trout - 20 CYPX Holo Herring - 35 CYPX Glitchfin - 35 CYPX Quantum Tuna - 55 CYPX GARDENING

  • Fixed bug with % when planting seeds (Please, report us, if there are still some bugs with %)
  • Added 14 new seeds and plants
  • Added 1/15 chance of getting dirt after harvesting plants

UPDATE 230923: CyberCitizen GEN3


  • added listing NFTs for sell
  • added buying NFTs
  • added inventory
  • added market
  • added showcasing nicknames of NFTs
  • added ingame stats visible when you flip the NFT card
  • added basic filters

Still missing:

  • add cancel listing of the NFT for sell (right now, you have to go to skyharbor to cancel the listing)
  • add better filtering
  • list GEN3 collection
  • list CyberVerse Tradable Items collection
  • list Pets
  • add advanced filtering
  • list CYPX token to the marketplace


  • created 6000 designs
  • created 6000 in-game sprites (animations)
  • added 6000 NFTs to the game
  • added daily rewards
  • added 11 rarities
  • added minting opening in the game with animations and effects
  • added left NFTs in minting page
  • added info about GEN3 in minting page


  • GEN2 = all rarities of GEN2 Cybercitizens were increased by 2x
  • GEN3 = all rarities of GEN3 receive the old rewards from GEN2


  • reduced rent price from 1000 CYPX to 250 CYPX
  • reduce Seed and Plants prices by 50%


  • Crafting Items that received changes in their craft recipes: OTHERS
  • increased price of diamond stick to 135 CYPX

UPDATE 230903: Fixes


  • apartment sizes** = the original nft apartment's sizes were mixed up with different sizes
  • jackhammer bug = critical bug, players could receive multiple nft items with 1 craft (this was fixed after the second paused of the game)
  • the energy glitch
  • text info change "rest" to "restart"

UPDATE 230901: Fixes & Improvements


  • added notification for "not enough cypx"
  • added notification for energy "not enough energy"
  • added notification when player with no vip card is trying to enter the vip section "You need a VIP NFT Card to access VIP Section."
  • added notifications for people who don't have an apartment and want to try to entry one: "You don't own this apartment."
  • improved notifications = sped up when there are many


  • added getting XP for CyberCitizen level for doing tasks = mining, crafting, farming, fishing, exploring


  • added NFT item crafting
  • currently 2 NFT items are available: Cyberium Jackhammer & Ergonium Jackhammer


  • added a small addition, When opening up an item recipe to craft and you need a certain sub-item crafted, you can click on the sub-item and it takes you to the specific item's recipe


  • adding recharging nft items that are used as a tools = jackhammers

jackhammers = mining till the hp goes to zero, then it asks to recharge the the toll with "Powe Cell" in-game item that can be crafted


All owners of the new apartments NFTs now have access to their apartments.

  • added new apartment designs (new 13 apartment design + 1 yacht)

List of apartment designs: -Small1 - 288 squares (16x16 square) -Small2 - 296 squares (16x16 square) -Small3 - 283 squares (16x16 square) -Small4 - 229 squares (16x16 square) -Medium1 - 354 squares (16x16 square) -Medium2 - 397 squares (16x16 square) -Medium3 - 342 squares (16x16 square) -Medium4 - 400 squares (16x16 square) -Large1 - 575 squares (16x16 square) -Large2 - 469 squares (16x16 square) -Large3 - 665 squares (16x16 square) -Large4 - 499 squares (16x16 square) -Penthouse - 886 squares (16x16 square) -Yacht - 499 squares (16x16 square) APARTMENT ICON

  • added icons on the map above the building where player owns an apartment, so it can be easily located for the player


  • added Fishing when you are on yachts you own


  • added access for everyone to the the lobby = you can now check leaderboards, item shop, assets, use citizen search, open crates with NFTs without a CyberCtizen NFT
  • added introduction video in the lobby


  • added new gardening rule:

New successfull harvested plants rate = normal with a skill effect of 85%–100% Every seed placed, the % dros by 5% Adds 1% every 10 minutes The lowest you can go with 1 type of seed is 0%–15% (we have 7 type of seeds that you can plant) Note, this rule is for each plot individually. That means when you rented 2 plots and harvested Wheat Seeds on plot number 1 and you ended up with 45% succesfull rate, on the plot number 2, you will start again with 85% with the same Seed


  • Stone - can be looted in the bins or mined in the caves, item is used to craft stone pickaxes
  • Copper - can be mined in the caves
  • Stone Pickaxes - can be crafted using stone and sticks


  • added Copper Ore and Stone to mine
  • improved mining rates by the concept @kilver shared with us


  • Mongo revamp our website and added some more information.
  • link: https://www.cyberversegame.io/

UPDATE 230725: Ingame Shop & Leaderboards


  • added UI
  • full handle of [open], [switch] and [back] mode + ingame balance, withdraw etc...
  • added CyberCitizen search page with all in-game stat informations
  • added leaderboard of top 50 CyberCitizen levels/xp


  • added UI
  • added the functions as we currently using but in the new UI (you can select citizen in the UI, change a nickname, see stats)


  • added fee when withdrawing tokens (500 cypx = will be changed by the community feedback in our next update)
  • no fee, when you are holding VIP Card


  • added UI
  • added purchasable crates
  • added purchasing crates using ERG/CYPX in ingame shop
  • added opening crate UI + animation
  • added 5 first crates

= you can open crates from both the lobby and the inventory when you are in the game NAUTILUS REQUESTS - EARLY VERSION

  • added while connecting the to game
  • added for depositing tokens to the game
  • added for claiming daily reward

Looting Improvements

  • added 50% rule chance to loot nothing
  • reduced energy to -10
  • added rule = you can't loot the same place twice, one after another. you should go loot different bin first


  • added buttons to switch between ingame and wallet balances


  • we listed: Doomsday, Summertime, Casino Soundtrack I., Exposure, Beyond the System, Revange, Through the Night, Showdown, NeuroRevolution, Total Overdose, I - Cyborg, Echoes of Rebellion

Skills Levels + gaining exp

  • added gardening skill level
  • added fishing skill level
  • added mining skill level
  • added crafting skill level
  • added exploring skill level


  • we temporary removed body parts from the game till we finalize the crafting
  • we fixed crafting recipe for some items
  • we balanced pickaxes and their chances of crafting certain ores
  • we balanced prices of some items

UPDATE 230628: Gardening, Mining, Fast Travel, Slots

Energy system (VS Stamina)

The energy is very imporant addition of the game. Energy is spent on doing tasks such as gardening, fishing, crafting, exploring and more…

CyberCitizens starts with 100 stamina.

The energy recovers +1 ENERGY every 10 minutes. (Later also by consuming caffeine item)


The stamina is used for minigames that are with timer system, such as DJ job or Barman.

CyberCitizens starts with 5 stamina and in the future they will be able to increase this number.

The stamina resets daily back to 5 stamina.

Upload all game assets and files to Cloudflare R2

We finished first part of this task and uploaded all game assets and files to cloudeflare R2.

NPC market

Chat with NPCs in-game to open a custom market UI for buying and selling items

CRAFTING NFT ITEMS (addition to the previous update)

You can now craft items and tools to help you with certain tasks or benefit your cybercitizen such as upgradable robotic body parts.


Explore materials and components so you can craft items & tools.


For our new features and minigames such as gardener, miner or NPC market, you need to deposit CYPX token to your in-game balance to use it. This method is mainly used because the payments with in-game CYPX are instant, players don’t need to confirm every transaction with their password and withdrawing tokens back to your wallet are even smoother.


Rent a plot of land for 1,000 CYPX per day and purchase seeds from the NPC market using in-game currency. (You can rent multiple plots and each plot has 8 slots to plant seeds) Plant the seeds, water them regularly to speed up their growth by 20%, and wait for 10 to 25 minutes for them (depending on what type of seeds you plant) to fully mature. Harvest the plants to receive valuable in-game items, which you can sell in the Seed Market for CYPX. Remember, there’s a 20% chance of getting spoiled plants that can still be sold for 1 CYPX. Start your gardening journey and watch your green thumb flourish in Cyberverse!


Become a skilled miner in Cyberverse and unearth valuable resources from the depths of the Cave Island! Start by crafting your mining tool, remembering that the rarer the tool, the faster and more efficient your ore mining will be. To access the cave location, pay 1000 CYPX to a Traveler NPC for a 24-hour access pass (resetting during daily reward reset time). Once inside the cave, find an ore and simply click the left mouse button on the ore to start mining. Keep in mind that each mining action consumes energy. The ores you gather can be crafted into ingots, which can be traded for CYPX or used to create powerful items.


As a fisherman, your first step is to craft a fishing rod, which will enable you to embark on your aquatic adventures. Head to the nearby ocean and keep an eye out for the fishing icon that appears above your character. Pressing the “E” key triggers the immersive fishing activity.

Your objective is to swiftly maneuver your mouse cursor to catch fish before the timer runs out. Sharpen your reflexes and aim to reel in those elusive underwater creatures for a successful catch. Good luck on your fishing expeditions!

Fishing Rods / Chances of Catching fishes with certain fishing rods

Each fishing rod has different chances of catching fishes. The rarer your fishing rod is, the higher chances you have to catch rarer fishes.


Travel with our new Cyber-Bus system. Simply, go near of bus stations, press “E” and pick the available place where you want to go!


We did some changes in slot machine with rewards as it was very unbalanced.


UPDATE 230612: Fishing, Crafting & Inventory


  • improved code
  • updated same of the old code with the new version to make the game a little faster (to also help us work it)
  • made small changes in the SELECT NFT page


  • fixed latest wins - the wins were showed before player's game that he bet on ends


  • added shortkey "SPACE" to spin the slots game -added new reward system (go test it out)


  • added % bonus for vip cards after winning a slot game


  • added glows & shades to AudioNFT interior
  • added glows & shades to Casino interior
  • added glows & shades to Club interior


  • increased rewards
  • changed the numbers in calculator of daily rewards menu in the bank
  • switched hosting of the node


  • increased rewards
  • changed the numbers in calculator of job rewards menu in the jobs minigames
  • switched hosting of the node


  • added frontend UI
  • added backend full handle of add/save/use/sell/sort/fix/secure items tasks and update the database
  • added new user data into the database(handle load and change, and update all old user with the change)

= the items will be split between INGAME item and NFT item. In this current version all items will be ingame. In our next update> INGAME items will be explorable, used for some activities such as gardening, fishing, mining... (You will be also able to sell some ingame items for CYPX) or used for crafting an NFT items (robotic parts, pickaxes) MINI INVENTORY

  • added UI
  • added 8 slots
  • added keybinds 1-8 nums


  • added frontend UI
  • added backend
  • added new craft data type with timer
  • added new data into the databasse
  • added system to start a new craft that will take X time and player can get back to collect it later when the item is ready (you can't craft another item during the waiting time)
  • secured the new crafting system

FISHING (minigame)

  • added a frontend UI to select the fishing rod and start fishing in all near-sea areas in the city map
  • added server to fully handle the fishing feature, the update in the game, server and database + secure
  • added the minigame mechanics/system


  • added building
  • added interior


We will be hosting a new NFTs drop with an exclusive utility for casino enthusiasts. There will be FOR NOW a small amounts of these VIP CARD NFTs distributed among the most active players, events & mint drop. The utility of these cards is already live, so once you get the VIP card you will be able to try them. (holding card in the game updates after daily reset & distribution of the rewards from jobs) What if you have 2 cards in 1 wallet? You will be able to use the utility of the the rarer VIP card. Why doing a mint drop? We are trying to get as much funding for the developing as possible which is needed, especially during this red market.


Silver VIP Membership Card -5 FREE VIP daily spins -0.5% bonus from every winning bet (if player win 10 cypx, he gets 10 cypx + 0.5% bonus) -NO FEE after withdrawing tokens from the casino (in the future update, since we don't have any fees from withdrawing yet)

Golden VIP Membership Card -10 FREE VIP daily spins -1% bonus from every winning bet (if player win 10 cypx, he gets 10 cypx + 1% bonus) -NO FEE after withdrawing tokens from the casino (in the future update, since we don't have any fees from withdrawing yet)

Platinum VIP Membership Card -15 FREE VIP daily spins -1.5% bonus from every winning bet (if player win 10 cypx, he gets 10 cypx + 1.5% bonus) -NO FEE after withdrawing tokens from the casino (in the future update, since we don't have any fees from withdrawing yet)

Cybernetic VIP Membership Card -25 FREE VIP daily spins -2.5% bonus from every winning bet (if player win 10 cypx, he gets 10 cypx + 2.5% bonus) -NO FEE after withdrawing tokens from the casino (in the future update, since we don't have any fees from withdrawing yet)

UPDATE 230523: Casino


  • added MENU for withdrawing and depositing tokens
  • added COINFLIP minigame (only for CYPX bets.)
  • added very basic Slot Machine (only for CYPX bets.)
  • added VIP Membership NFT Cards and its benefits (more info soon)
  • added all social links with their icons to the game
  • added 5 apartments from the CyberEgg Raffle

Crypto-Spin (coinflip)

Crypto-Spin is a simple casino game based on the coinflip game. Players place bets with CYPX token on whether the coin will land on the Bitcoin or the Ergo . Once the bets are made, the coin starts spinning, and the outcome is determined by which side it lands on. If a player correctly predicts the outcome, they win their bet; otherwise, they lose. It's a game of chance where players try to guess the outcome of the coin spin to win. The game operates on a 50/50 probability, meaning that each outcome has an equal chance of occurring. Players can take a risk and try to double their bet (2x) if they win or accept the possibility of losing the amount they bet. How to play: Top-Up Your Balance: Connect your Nautilus wallet and top-up your casino balance with the desired amount of cryptocurrency. Place Your Bet: Decide how much you want to wager on the next spin. Remember, always bet responsibly. Choose Your Side: It's time to make your prediction. Will the coin land on Bitcoin or Ergo? Make your selection based on your intuition. Wait for the Coin to Spin: Once you've made your selection and placed your bet and sent the funds, the coin will start to spin. (Like daily spins) The outcome is completely random, so it's a nail-biting moment of suspense! Check the Outcome: The coin will eventually land on either Bitcoin or Ergo. If it lands on the side you chose, you win and double your bet. (2x) If it lands on the side you didn't choose, you lose and also your bet. Repeat and Enjoy: Continue playing as long as you want, always keeping track of your balance and betting responsibly. The quick pace and exciting nature of Crypto-Spin makes for endless fun!

UPDATE 230511: DJ Mini Game, Settings, Notifications

DJ job

  • Improved delays/lags (we need players feedback) -cut the Stage 1 in half - the stage 1 now ends after 50 arrows -Added 1 extra feature that should help players a bit:
  • when player fails, he gets -5 points and cool_down for 1 seconds from getting any ponts(that means both - and + points); when the 1 second passes, game will be back to normal.


  • Add menu with buttons : Settings, help, report bug, change nickname (address nickname), disconnect, close DailySpins
  • Optimized the wheel for players with lower PC


  • AudioNFTs/Large Game Assets, host the large game assets in Cloudflare and separate them from the server
  • Added "Disco Fever" and "Cybernetic Rabbit" audioNFTs


  • Added interior map (no utility yet)


  • Added general Settings (volume settings, turn on/off nicknames above characters, and seeing basic controls of the game) Connecting method
  • Removed auto-disconnecting from the game after 6 hours of inactivity Nicknames
  • Added Nicknames for Wallet Addresses - Now players can see nicknames in leaderboards -The cost of changing address nickname is 2500 CYPX and it updates in the job leaderboards after playing 1 game


  • Added notifications of pending and confirmed transactions; Auto-Update For NFTs (every 2 minutes) + balance (currently it's only for ERG/CYPX/CyberCitizen NFTs)

CyberCitizen's nicknames

  • Added nicknames above character's head (you can turn it off/on in settings)
  • Changed the cost of the nickname from 250 CYPX to 500 CYPX

Report button

  • Added report system to allow people report us game bugs through the game

UPDATE 230319: Relaunch

Server Issues

  • improved the game code and the system overall to remove (or reduced) randomly kicking from the server. We will need the communities help to test if random disconnections are resolved, please note that you may still encounter bugs as we are still in the testing phases of CyberVerse.

Bartender Minigame

  • fixed timer (it now stops at 00:00)


  • Nautilus transaction builder — We still need a bit time to work on this, we expect to add the tx builder in the next update.
  • Changed ergo connect function to the nautilus

Added Keyboard Shortcuts

“M” = it opens map

“P” = it opens nft profile

“N” = it opens “Select NFT character”


  • Added auto-update for NFTs + balance
  • Added kicking any player that sends his CyberCitizen NFT (he played with) to someone else, when it’s his only 1 NFT.
  • Set time to automatically update balance and NFT every 3 minutes (for now, while testing)

Alert NFT Level up

  • added simple alert that shows player that he succesfully reached level 1 with CyberCitizen NFT

DJ Job Minigame — Test Version

  • front-end done
  • created database for distributing rewards :moneybag:
  • added new leaderboard for only DJ job
  • backend done


  • As we mentioned, we want connect the game with the community members as much as possible, so we decided to add a minigame that was suggested during the first launch in January.
  • The game is inspired from “dance dance revolution” or “Friday night funkin”.


  • Where players press ARROWS/WASD in time with arrows displayed on a screen, aiming to score points, gain needed rewards tier and earn CYPX!
  • 550 arrows in total for each game.
  • each correct click +1 points
  • each wrong click -5 points
  • If you click wrong, you lose points.
  • If an arrow is missed, you lose one chance.
  • Player has 5 fails = after 5 fails, the minigame stops
  • Each mini-game has its own leaderboard. (DJ job/bartender)

Skill DJ-Job effect:

  • level 0 => 5 try and -5 points per failure
  • level 50 => 10 try and -2.5 points per failure
  • level 100 => 15 try and -1.666 points per failure

Other info about the minigame:

  • 10% of the notes you must hit will be double notes (two keys at once)
  • 0–6 seconds = are waiting for player to get ready
  • +100 seconds = in Stage 1, and 100 lines
  • +3 seconds = break
  • +80 seconds = in Stage 2, and 100 lines
  • +3 seconds = break
  • +50 seconds = in Stage 3, and 100 lines
  • +3 seconds = break
  • +30 seconds = in Stage 4, and 100 lines
  • +3 seconds = break
  • +20 seconds = in Stage 5, and 100 lines
  • +3 seconds = Game end


  • increased daily rewards for each rarity category => Click
  • added bonuses for levelled citizens => Clicks

Treasure hunt

  • placed 15 paper icons in 15 spots with 15 words in the CyberVerse to unlock wallet with treasure (recovery seed)
  • stay tuned for more information when we have our launch


  • created an interior map
  • added random NPCs (for now)
  • prepared assets in the interior map for the future
  • minigames/features
  • added the map of casino to the game
  • added daily spin minigame for level 1+ citizens

Daily free Spin

  • accessible for each level 1 CyberCitizen NFT the player has
  • added UI
  • added animations/effects
  • added sounds
  • receiving rewards = in progress (it will be ready for the launch of the CyberVerse)

Daily Free Spin Wheel currently contains (it will be changed later):

  • - Apartment (0.01%)
  • - 210 $CYPX (1%)
  • - 190 $CYPX (2%)
  • - 150 $CYPX (3%)
  • - 120 $CYPX (5%)
  • - 90 $CYPX (6%)
  • - 60 $CYPX (7%)
  • - NOTHING (71.99%)


  • created 14 new designs of real estate
  • preparing for a new apartment drop, stay tuned for more information
  • finishing new furniture


  • Added “hide Balance” mini button

CyberCitizens nicknames

  • Added In-game CyberCitizen nicknames Players can now name their Citizen NFTs in the game. For now, only letters & “space” are available.
  • Every nickname is unique, players can’t use already used names.
  • To set a nickname, you have to wait till all your transaction on the ergoexplorer are confirmed, then you can send the required amount of CYPX

Tutorial Book

  • This addition should help new players to better understand some features. (Press “i” on your keyboard to open this feature)
  • added UI -added “Bank” subject
  • added “Barman mini-game” subject
  • added “DJ mini-game” subject
  • added “Audio-Player” subject
  • added “Selecting CyberCitizen” subject
  • added “Apartments” subject
  • added “CYPX Token” subject
  • added “NFT Profiles” subject

BANK (Daily Rewards)

  • Added expected reward from each CyberCitizen NFT
  • Added expected rewards in total


  • Switched from “minting nft” into information where to buy a CyberCitizen now with a button that links player to skyharbor marketplace.

We hope you guys will enjoy our relaunch and help us find more bugs this weekend! We are still missing a lot of things that we plan to add, but we are slowly getting to our goals. Thank you all for being part of the CyberVerse community!


UPDATE 230212: Fixes

Character bugs

  • Citizen 2034 - removed a tail from the character
  • Citizen 547 - fixed afro

Apartment bugs

  • fixed game freezing after player placed furniture far away of the apartment Apartment Building 6
  • added building 6
  • added entry Typos (Fixed text)
  • Coped should be Copied (when copying addres)
  • Exist should be Exit (when exiting apartment)
  • Jannie should be Jennie (in the bank after clicking on the woman's statue)

Barman job bugs

  • timer stops at 00:10, it should stop at 00:00 (still working on this)

Log out button

  • added log out button Log in verification
  • increased the countdown for verification = instead of 3 minutes > 5 minutes

Audio Player

  • added repeat songs
  • fixed Danger Zone music


  • add timer when they can claim daily rewards (I have additional small UI for this)
  • bug with claiming rewards

Barman Job

  • add timer in leaderboard when are barman job rewards distributed
  • switched a color of a green wine icon to red

Adding Real Server time

UPDATE 230205: Game Launch

Attention all citizens! The wait is finally over! The public test of our game is now launching! Get ready to claim your rewards in the bank for every citizen you have, customize your apartments, play the exciting barman job mini-game and earn CYPX that are distributed every 24 hours. But that's not all, we are also rewarding the top 3 places on the barman job leaderboard with an extra CYPX bonus!  

So get ready to show off your barman skills and win big! Join the public test now!  

  • Cyberia map
  • Select CyberCitizen Menu
  • Balance with CYPX/ERG
  • Museum
  • Bank with claimable daily rewards
  • AudioPlayer with AudioNFTs
  • Club with barman job, reward tiers & leaderboard of top players of the day
  • Apartments and its fully customizing feature
  • Placable NFTs of "ErgoPixels" collection on apartment walls
  • XP/LEVEL & Stamina system of CyberCitizen
  • Job skills (These will be refreshed and upgraded)